Our history begins in 1970 when Dr. Grossman joined a now retired gastroenterologist, Dr. William Hoffman, in Fairfield, Connecticut. The two provided Gastroenterology services to complement a group of Cardiologists and Internists located at 1305 Post Road.

As the practice expanded and became a separate group of Gastroenterologists, several new university-trained physicians, Drs. Lopatin, Mauer and Spivack joined them. Each new physician had an expertise in a specific phase of gastroenterology, e.g. hepatology, and/or specific procedures, such as ERCP.

About 12 years ago the Fairfield group merged with a 2-person group, Dr. Saul Feldman and Dr. Strick Woods, who had an office in Bridgeport. The growing practice then provided care in two office sites.

The Bridgeport office at 2660 Main Street was renovated and expanded in 2003 to provide additional office space and exam rooms and a specialized suite for the administration and infusion of medications such as Infliximab. The office also included facilities for office procedures and a growing number of clinical trials.

More physicians were added after the merger, again with new expertise, e.g. endoscopic ultrasound and esophageal motility, colon cancer genetics and diagnosis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Drs. Castillo, Blanco and most recently Dr. Cobrin joined our practice.

Five years ago, the group built a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical center at 425 Post Road in Fairfield. The center, The Endoscopy Center of Fairfield, is licensed by the State of Connecticut, Medicare-certified and accredited by The Joint Commission. It has an extremely convenient location, excellent parking and a dedicated staff. We have been able to provide a safe and comfortable setting for our patients in need of screening and diagnostic endoscopic procedures.

As a further convenience, the space adjacent to the surgical center was renovated to be the new home of the practice’s Fairfield offices. The beautiful new space includes physician offices, exam rooms, ancillary services such as capsule endoscopy and breath tests as well as administrative offices and resources for patient education.

In 2009, the group opened a satellite office in Monroe, Connecticut at 765 Main Street.

Forty years of experience has led to fruitful and satisfying relationships with thousands of patients and hundreds of referring physicians. As we look into the future of medicine in Fairfield County, we are committed to our role of providing the very best in digestive health care to our patients and the community.