Clear Liquid Diet

Clear liquid diets are typically used in preparation for certain medical procedures or tests, or when certain conditions (i.e. gastroenteritis) may limit the intestinal tract’s absorptive capacity.

A clear liquid by definition is any substance which is liquid at body temperature that you can see through.

The clear liquid diet cannot provide you with adequate calories and nutrients; therefore it should not be used for more than a few days.

Diet Guidelines

Beverages:  tea, coffee, decaf tea, decaf coffee, kool-aid, crystal light, vitamin water, Gatorade, PowerAde, carbonated beverages (soda).  Note: milk or creamer of any kind in tea or coffee is not permitted. Sugar, sugar substitutes, and honey as sweeteners are allowed.

Soups: Clear bouillon, broth, or consommé: any flavor, it must be clear

Juices: apple, grape, cranberry, cran-apple, cran-grape, cran-strawberry, strained lemonade, limeade, orange drink (Tang). Any juice that you can see through and has no pulp is acceptable.

Dessert: Water ices, Italian ices, popsicles, Jell-O, sorbet